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MPF Dental Training School Kit

Das exklusive MPF Dental Training School Kit beinhaltet 29 auserwählte Werkzeuge.


495,00 €
zzgl. MwSt.

Product Description

Ladies and Gentlemen,

we would like to introduce one of the latest products from the MPFBRUSH Co, this Dental student kit was the inspiration of Panagiotis Papadopoulos the son of our CEO, who two years ago started his course in Athens Greece for Dental Technology.

He noticed the enthusiasm of his fellow classmates when he would open up his tool kits which we had prepared for him for his practical classes ahead , this intrigued him and he started to research what was out in the market and honestly a complete kit was not available.

We then started to research further and we put together this complete kit that will facilitate the practical training for the Surgeons and the dental laboratory students.

We decided to house everything into a smart case that has the ability to hold all the tools safely, which also has plenty of room for models and or articulated cases that they may be working on.

The kit comes with 29 different hand tools that will be used without a doubt in the future career of every student. We have chosen high Quality tools that will stand the test of time!!

Congratulations on your chosen career , the Dental Industry is a wonderful career and profession that is constantly reinventing itself  theortically and technologically therefore innovation is abundant.

The Kit contains:

- 1 x MPF Lessman Knife Small

- 1 x MPF Lessman Knife Large

- 1 x MPF G.S Wax Knife

- 1 x MPF Plaster Spatula

- 1 x MPF Cement Spatula Large

- 1 x MPF Cement Spatula Small

- 1 x MPF Mini Blade Holder

- 1 x MPF Tweezer with Lock 

- 1 x MPF Scapel Handle

- 1 x MPF Concave Plier

- 1 x MPF Adam Plier

- 1 x MPF Combination Drill Kit

- 1 x MPF Ceramic Mixing Plate

- 1 x MPF Needle holder straight

- 1 x MPF Needle holder Curved

- 1 x MPF Scissors

- 1 x MPF Decimal Caliper

- 1 x MPF Alcohol Burner

- 1 x MPF  Alcohol Torch

- 1 x MPF Plaster Bowl

- 1 x MPF Silicone Bowls (3pcs)

- 1 x MPF small blades

- 1 x MPF Classic Brush Size 4

- 1 x MPF Classic Brush Size 6

- 1 x MPF Ti Waxer Angle Spade/Large LeCron

- 1 x MPF Ti Waxer Large Dropper/Small LeCron

- 1 x MPF Composite Applicating Tool 2 (Direct)

- 1 x MPF Composite Applicating Tool 6 (Direct

Product Details

MPF 160-0000

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